swat1 «swot», verb, swat|ted, swat|ting, noun. Informal.
to hit sharply or violently: »

to swat a fly, to swat a home run.

a sharp or violent blow. Also, swot.
[apparently imitative]
swat2 «swot», intransitive verb transitive verb, swat|ted, swat|ting, noun.
British Slang. swot2.
swat3 «swot», verb.
Obsolete. sweat; a past tense and past participle of sweat.
SWAT or S.W.A.T. «swot», noun.
U.S. a police unit trained in the use of special weapons and tactics.
[< S(pecial) W(eapons) a(nd) T(actics) or S(pecial) W(eapons) A(ttack) T(eam)]

Useful english dictionary. 2012.

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